Handmade quality from Austria



All-round Carefree Package

No need to be a technician. We initially install and setup everything for you.

PHP Opcache

Do squeeze out even more performance out of your PHP based appliance the PHP Opcache is enabled by default.

Performance At Its Best

Due to our fully optimized infrastructure we can garantuee that your appliances are running at full speed.

Snapshots Available

We can snapshot your appliance on request.

SSL included

Every appliance is coming with FREE SSL certificates.

Everything Secured

Security is one of our main goals. We make sure that no data is leaked or compromised.

Fully Managed

You dont have the time to maintain your appliance? We offer fully managed solutions too.


Memcached can be used for many of our appliances. If supported by the appliance we enable it at no additional costs.

Backup Available

We have an unique 2-staged backup strategy. You can time travel as you like.

Growing filesystem

More space needed? No problem, we can grow filesystems without any hassle.

Personal Technical Support

No need to speak with a call center agent. We are here to work with you!


Get more performance for your appliance. Redis is supported by many of our appliances and is enabled at no additional costs.

Know your visitors

Leading open-source Piwik analytics platform included

  • Google Analytics alternative
  • Self-explaining interface
  • 100% data ownership
  • User privacy protection
  • Everything setup and ready to go
Included for €0/month      Details

Developer Packages

The solution for small to medium development teams

  • Gitlab for your source codes
  • Complete Groupware solution
  • Everything setup and ready to go
Starts at €35/month      Let Me See

Additional Services


We offer customizing for all our appliances.

Web Development

We develop functions and plugins for web applications.

Website Optimization

Need even more performance, get in touch with us.

Our Principles

We Deliver What You Need

You get what you need with garantueed satisfaction.

Everything Is Possible

Where there is a will, there is a way!

We Do It With Love

We really love what we do, your success is our satisfaction.