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Appliance Hosting in comparison to Web Hosting, Virtual or Dedicated Servers

Technology is a must-have in the modern day business environment and offers a competitive advantage for businesses. The applications used in a business should not experience any downtime to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the services, and also to avoid loss of income for an organization. Therefore, it is important that businesses make sure that they have a reliable infrastructure. This entails making a substantial investment in the physical infrastructure and also the applications development. Appliance hosting is a valuable alternative.

A business will incur a considerable amount of money in setting this up. The IT environment involves not only the infrastructure but also trained human resources so that the business can compete effectively. Paying a qualified resource to manage critical business systems becomes hectic, and sometimes there is a scarcity of competent human resources. Therefore, the business ends up incurring consultants cost which increases the initial investment.

Why Businesses Need Hosting Services

With the current economic times, it is tricky to sustain that environment because businesses are suffering. This is especially for businesses that are operating in a highly competitive environment, and they need to make substantial investments in marketing as well. Therefore, it becomes important to look for an alternative method of cutting down the operating cost. Web hosting and appliances hosting are the common alternatives for a business that is willing to reduce the operation cost and also to be able to make sure that the business systems have best possible up-time for the business to increase the profits.

So what is the difference between web hosting and appliance hosting? Continue reading to know the difference between the two and also learn how and why they are good methods of cutting business operating cost.

Web Hosting vs. Appliance Hosting

Web hosting is defined as a form of hosting that involves websites. A company with web servers will offer web hosting services to companies that don’t have web servers. It is the most common type of hosting that businesses have taken advantage of. With web hosting, the business pays a flat rate to host the websites, and they are hosted on a fixed server or a partition of a single server.

Appliance Hosting can be defined as the hosting that involves a virtual appliance that the business uses to run its applications that are used across the business worldwide. Unlike the web servers hosting, this entails more applications and can involve just one type of environment or several environments. The appliance hosting encompasses dynamic and scalable environments that are accessed on demand. It is possible to increase the available resources when there is a need for more capacity.

Shared and Dedicated Resources in Web Hosting

With the web hosting services, the servers are in the shared or dedicated environment which is not the case with the appliance hosting. A dedicated environment is where the business gets a fully customized service that is a private resource exclusive to the business only. This is different from a shared hosting environment where several businesses share the same resource. The shared environment is usually cheaper than a dedicated environment in web hosting. There is a set limit on the capacity of the resource that is in a web-hosted share service. Therefore, the business will apply for a resource with a specific capacity that they want and scalability is not easily deployed here.

Appliance Hosting Gives High Availability

With appliance hosting, there is a high level of service availability since several servers are mirrored to ensure that data is copied to the servers for high availability. The load is shared such that even if an individual server fails or goes down, the services will still be available on the other servers. Therefore, there is barely any interruption on the services, and this means the customers will be fully satisfied. Secondly, the business will never miss on an opportunity to make money. The fact that the environment is managed by a third party means that you get more reliable services. With web hosting, the service depends on a single host and therefore if the host fails the whole service will go down.

High-Performance Guarantee in Appliance Hosting

In appliance hosting, you will get a fully streamlined and optimized service meaning that the business gets a high-performance environment for the applications. There are several appliances that can be combined to form one robust solution, and therefore, the business growing demands are easily met. A hybrid environment will enable the business to get the best services. Therefore the business will be able to optimize their operations if they go for a hybrid environment. With web hosting the performance is dependent on what you pay.

The payments on web hosting are dependent on the packages that the business wants to utilize and therefore if the business wants more capacity they will pay more for the changes in the needs. The service delivery is agreed as per the document that is commonly referred to as Service Level Agreement which acts as the binding contract document. With the appliance hosting, the business will pay for the usage of the services.

A business that needs high performance and high scalability should go for appliance hosting because the rates are affordable compared to having to buy the infrastructure that gives the business the much-needed services. The business will also not incur the human resources cost because the third party appliance hosting service provider will be responsible for deploying a highly scalable environment.